THE CANDIDATE: Dan’s formal education includes a B.Sc. from Trent University and a Masters in Environmental Science from the University of Toronto. Professionally, he is a Senior Environmental Scientist working in natural sciences and renewable energy. By design, his career has been built in both the private and public sector, always focusing on sustainable development and seeking innovative ways to resolve complex issues. This is highlighted by his professional experience;

* Guest lecturer at Carleton University’s School of Environment;

* Published author of industry leading Best Management Practices for the hydroelectric industry;

* Chair of the Canadian Hydropower Associations national working group on Fisheries policy;

* Experienced in over 50 provincial and federal Environmental Assessments across Canada;

* Delegations before Federal Parliamentary Standing Committees on topics related to wildlife conservation, species at risk and the Federal Fisheries Act;

* In 2017, appointed to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Species At Risk Advisory Committee (SARAC);

* First elected to Guelph City Council in 2014 | Ward 1

* 2016 appointed as Chair of the Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Committee (IDE) for the City of Guelph.

Dan’s professional career necessitates that he works with stakeholders from all viewpoints in order to balance the many social, economic and environmental aspects of complex issues.

On a personal note, Dan and his wife Katherine are committed financial partners of Lakeside Hope House in Downtown Guelph. They are also firm believers in the foundational benefits of affordable home ownership and Katherine currently serves as Chair of the Board for Habitat for Humanity (Wellington/Dufferin/Guelph).

THE PLATFORM: The realities of housing affordability, raising a family and retiring in a modern City like Guelph have changed dramatically over the past 20 years, and I believe these realities need to be reflected on City Council.

To speak on behalf of all residents who are proud to call Guelph home and who, like my family, are buying their first home, paying down a mortgage, paying property taxes, have children in daycare, sports, programs and/or University, are supporting aging parents or are retired and on fixed incomes. Supporting residents has been my priority in my first term on council and will continue to be my focus moving forward. If re-elected I will:

* bring prudent, responsible financial oversight focussed on service delivery and value to Ward 1 and Guelph Residents;

* bring strong, independent and accountable decision making;

* maintain a focus on municipal issues and will push back on Guelph City Council becoming a platform for Provincial and Federal political debates;

* continue advocating stronger relationships with our regional partners and surrounding communities;

* continue advocating for and supporting Guelph’s local small business and entrepreneurial culture;

* continue advocating for East End Services and the Reconstruction of York Road;

* continue advocating for the redevelopment of the Ward IMICO property and a Ward Neighborhood Trail to promote alternative modes of active transportation;

* continue advocating for the Baker Street redevelopment in Downtown Guelph including construction of a new main Library;

* promoting public safety initiatives and increased police presence in our downtown;

* champion Guelph’s leadership role in energy and water conservation as well as environmental stewardship; and

* continue proactive engagement through regular Town Hall meetings, two way communication, and social media.

In summary, I believe municipal government is intensely local and that strong, transparent and independent councillors are what’s needed at City Hall. Like so many others, I am motivated by the belief that to live and raise a family in Guelph means to invest in Guelph; not just through taxes and fees but also through time and service to our community. On that note, my wife Katherine and I live in Ward 1, we’re raising our two boys (Luke and Marcus) here, and it’s been an honor to serve our community in this role since 2014.

Learn more at, “Ward News Guelph” on Facebook, email at [email protected] or @DanGibsonCllr on Twitter and Instagram