Month: May 2014

Campaign Announcement – May 12, 2014

Dan Gibson Running for Ward 1 City Council – Press Release – May 12th, 2014

 Dan Gibson Dan Signing Forms

There’s a new voice in East Guelph and he seems bound and determined to provide renewed advocacy for Ward 1 on City Council this fall.

“I’m humbled by the challenge, but am truly excited to announce my candidacy for Ward 1 City Council,” says Dan Gibson.

When asked why he is running , Dan explained,  “My wife and I are proud to live here, proud to raise our family here, and we believe our concerns are commonly shared in Ward 1.  I want to serve and advocate for our community on Council.”

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Parking Downtown

The Need for Dedicated Go Train Parking Downtown

I want to be clear in saying the recent announcement regarding provincial investment in track upgrades along Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph corridor to provide all day two way service to Toronto is a good thing. Who can argue with some extra sleep on the train in the morning, less time behind the wheel, more productive time on the commute home (for you workaholics), and most importantly more quality time at home with our families. These are all positives to commuting on GO. In saying this however, I’m resigned to feel like this announcement only begins to address some of the road blocks facing Guelph commuters. By this I mean, increasing service in Guelph only deals with the “supply” side of the equation; and skips over the equally important “demand” side.

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