Dan Gibson Running for Ward 1 City Council – Press Release – May 12th, 2014

 Dan Gibson Dan Signing Forms

There’s a new voice in East Guelph and he seems bound and determined to provide renewed advocacy for Ward 1 on City Council this fall.

“I’m humbled by the challenge, but am truly excited to announce my candidacy for Ward 1 City Council,” says Dan Gibson.

When asked why he is running , Dan explained,  “My wife and I are proud to live here, proud to raise our family here, and we believe our concerns are commonly shared in Ward 1.  I want to serve and advocate for our community on Council.”

It would appear Dan means what he says.  When opportunity allows he consistently turns the conversation back to his ward, and the current Guelph administration’s “apparent indifference toward Ward 1 and East End concerns”.

He contends that residents throughout Ward 1 (and Guelph in general) are “frustrated with the current administration’s annual reliance on tax increases and service fees to balance city budgets rather than working harder to align spending with City revenues.”  Dan points to the number of fixed income and/or single income households in Ward 1 and East Guelph as evidence for his concerns.

In addition, “commercial business growth in East Guelph is lacking, and residents are frustrated with not having their questions answered, their emails responded to, and their phone calls returned”.

Ward 1 and East Guelph, it would appear on October 27th, Dan wants the job!

View Dan on You Tube Video here. http://youtu.be/cQDGOo5-LeY

Dan can be reached by phone at 519-265-4587, on Twittter @DanGibsonWard1, or by email at [email protected].