Greetings Friends,

A sincere thanks to the hundreds of Guelph families who have been reaching out to me on this issue since June.  I’m having informative and supportive conversations on a daily basis with residents who are sharing their stories with me and are motivated to help bring some reasonableness to the driveway issue in our City.

Many have been asking how they can help, so here’s goes…..

On Monday July 23rd Council will take the initial vote on the motion.  It’s largely an administrative vote (no debate) but it is essential to getting the issue of a Driveway Width Bylaw Review onto our September council agenda.  If the vote fails on Monday, the agenda item does not move forward.  It’s that simple.  If the vote passes however, the motion then proceeds to the September meeting where council will hear from the public, debate the motion and ultimately rule on the recommendation.

That’s why I need your support this weekend. If you haven’t already done so, please consider emailing your Ward councillors expressing your support for the motion.  Please be civil, diplomatic and reasoned.  I’ve been so impressed with the level of decorum shown by our community throughout this process, and I’d be even more proud if we kept it that way.

Councilors email addresses are found here

Thank you for your support.