Traffic control and speed on our roads has been a significant file for me since being elected in 2014 and I want to thank the many residents who have been strong advocates in this regard. Whether it be school zone safety, volume control,  pedestrian crossings or traffic signals, we are seeing signs of progress.

Here are some updates (Provided by City Staff) on traffic related files advancing in 2017.

1) All way Stop at Watson and Speedsvale
“It is our intent to have the all way stop signs, plus associated pavement markings in place by end of April of this year (2017).”

2) New Traffic Signals at the intersection of Eastview and Watson
“Due to the recommendations from the existing Environmental Impact Study (EIS) that was undertaken previously in the area we will not be able to have the new traffic signals installed and operational until August of this year as we are undertaking our work in conjunction with other capital work taking place on Eastview. It is our focus to have the signals operational before school is back in September.”
 Please see the recommendations from the study below.
9. It is recommended that construction take place between August and March (i.e. outside the breeding cycle of April through July) to allow amphibians to complete their breeding cycle;
10. If construction must take place during any part of the breeding cycle, wildlife enclosure fencing (e.g. silt fence) should be used to prevent amphibians and reptiles from entering the active construction area. An on-site environmental monitor should survey the fence daily to ensure the fence is functioning as intended. Daily surveys of the construction zone should be completed first thing in the morning and any wildlife should be moved outside the construction zone.

3) New (Temporary) Traffic Signal at the intersection of York and Elizabeth

“We estimate that the traffic signal installation (temporary design) at York at Elizabeth would be completed by August/September of this year.”  Full installation of traffic signal (permanent) will take place in during the future reconstruction of York Road. 

Again, thanks to the many of you who have been advocating with me on these files.  We’re moving forward together!


Dan Gibson
Ward 1 City Councilor
[email protected]
519-827-6407 (c)
@DanGibsonCllr (on twitter)