Ward 1 Residents;
I was truly humbled this past week to see our campaign (which began in May), culminate on election night across our wonderful Ward.  Ward 1 your collective voice was loud, clear and unmistakable…..No Longer Ignored!
To my campaign volunteers and supporters, thank you!  To my extended family and friends who’ve been supportive and understanding of the time commitment required, I thank you as well.  Finally and most importantly, to my wife Katherine and her relentless, immovable support for a campaign focused on bringing change to our Ward.  You’ve been my assurance, my sounding board, my strength, and most importantly my partner through this journey.  Thank you for your support.    
And now Ward 1, the real work begins. The result on October 27th was never the end goal; rather it was the necessary beginning in an effort to support Guelph households. I take great responsibility in now having four short years to demonstrate this desire to you.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve.   
In the coming months www.dangibson.ca will be re-branded and launched as https://www.ward1guelph.ca/ (please check back soon).  Please check in from time to time to read the blog and find links to council meeting minutes and announcements regarding Town Hall meetings.  There will also be an opportunity to sign up for the Ward 1 e-newsletter that I am committed to continuing.  The e-newsletter will be a way for me to keep you informed of important City news and events as well as important city decisions.  
Once again, thank you Ward 1.  Please pass this email along to others in the Ward and I look forward to representing you on City Council.       
Warmest Regards…..,
Dan Gibson | Ward 1 City Council (elect)
@DanGibsonWard1 (twitter)
[email protected]
(519) 265-4587