District Energy as it relates to Guelph fulfilling it’s economic/environmental and employment potential is a file I am supportive of.  I believe publicly owned, district energy is a positive step and one that should be leveraged to create a real competitive advantage in Guelph.   Notwithstanding the fact that we MUST be open and transparent to residents on financial matters related to Guelph Municipal Holdings Inc an the investments they are directing/overseeing.

One leader that I have truly come to admire in my career is the late Sir Adam Beck, whose vision for publicly owned and distribued power set Ontario’s manufacturing sector on solid footing for the majority of the 20th century.  His vision was to view power as a mechanism to drive economies (not as a profit center).  My belief is that the District Energy file can create a similar advantage for Guelph. To offer Guelph generated power at an attractive rate would create a true magnet for existing businesses to expand and new businesses to locate here.  Result in new and better employment opportunities, economic development and long term revenue sources for Guelph.  All factors that elevate our collective wellbeing, improve our standard of living, and reduce the tax burden on Guelph households.