Month: November 2015

Guelph Council will Juggle Growing the City and Holding Tax Line in Budget Debates

Courtesy | Guelph Mercury
November 13, 2015
By Joanne Shuttleworth

GUELPH — Ward 1 Coun. Dan Gibson has a history of questioning the justification for adding more staff at city hall.

But he’s considering adding some new staff to the 2016 operating budget from a list of expansions recommended by city staff as council contemplates the 2016 operating budget. Continue reading

My Thoughts on the 2016 Non Tax Supported Operating and Capital Budget

As a commitment to transparent decision making I wanted to pass along my thoughts on the recently approved 2016 non-tax supported operating and capital budget. More specifically, the 4% increase in Guelph’s Water/Wastewater rates. You may remember I did not support this increase in 2015.  To read more on this please see

In terms of this year however, I wanted to share my rationale for supporting the 4% increase in 2016. The following were the primary factors influencing my decision. Continue reading

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